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I had never bought goods from Japan before and wanted to order a piano music book from amazon.co.jp
This book included a song from 小公女セイラ Shōkōjo Seira which I could't find any sheet music for.

Luckily it was also being sold on amazon.de and some Japanese sellers there fulfill international shipping. I'm still happily waiting for it to arrive :Y)

But I still wanted to know how to order something from (Amazon) Japan

Google showed some Reddit threads and tenso.com. So I registered at Tenso but they also needed proof of identity. If you don't want to verify your identity, they give you the option to use Buyee which has negative reviews (Trustpilot) :-(


There also is whiterabbitexpress.com which didn't need any official documents and honestly has a better designed website. Through them I ordered a T-shirt from amazon.co.jp (I know you can just print your own T-shirt but anyway)
  • Estimated price of the product was JPY ‎3132 = USD 28.23
  • Estimated price of the quote was USD 15.74
  • Estimated shipping cost with EMS (Express Mail Service) was USD 19.83
I estimated the total price to be around USD 63.8 = EUR 60.08
  • The initial payment was USD 36.76 (The order authorization was for USD 43.97, but they didn't use the USD 7.21 "Domestic Shipping Pre-Approval" and refunded it)
  • The second payment for shipping cost was USD 19.73
The total was USD 56.49 = EUR 55.15 (with PayPal conversion rates)

Once the product was shipped with EMS it took around 1 week for it to arrive in the Netherlands.
There is a Japan Post tracking code and also a PostNL Track & Trace code, but you will only get to know the PostNL tracking code from the package itself once it has already arrived :S
02.14 07:00 -- initial payment
02.14 12:00 -- email: WRE ordered the product
02.16 07:00 -- email: delivered at WRE
02.16 07:00 -- paid shipping costs
02.16 11:00 -- email: shipped with Japan post
02.22 13:00 -- arrived in Amsterdam International Mail Centre
02.23 16:00 -- delivered at address

Update: pascal mentioned this T-shirt was sold on CDJapan and AmiAmi for a much cheaper price. It's good to keep those in mind too, thanks! I also forgot to consider SAL small packets shipping, in my case it would have been a cheaper option (without tracking).

Initial payment:
Shipping estimate:
Shipping payment: